Dare to rethink the world.

Play Rethink® is a design thinking training tool that helps you rethink
products and services and reduce their environmental impact.

Play Rethink® is used by companies and educational organisations
from all over the world to develop 4 key skills:

 Creativity + Communication + Collaboration + Critical thinking

The [e]co-design training tool

Play Rethink® is a unique training tool that uses play to engage participants by inviting them to rethink everyday objects.

Since its launch in 2007, we have helped enable the creative potential in hundreds of individuals and teams and encouraged sustainable collaboration and innovation.

What's in the box?

Each box contains:
1 x instructions sheet with activities
98 x rethink cards
2 x Challenge cards
1 x Eco-Strategies key card
1 x multi-coloured wheel
2 x paper cone templates

What our customers say

A unique tool and a creative experience which we use in all our programmes. Its potential for changing behaviour around sustainable issues is limitless.
Fabio Souza, Founder and former Director of the Design Institute for Sustainable Development (IDDS), Sao Paulo, Brazil

I have never seen groups of people bonding in such a creative way and in such a short time. 

Senior Financial Management Consultant from NatWest Bank, London, UK

I thought the game stood out as stimulating genuine creativity. All my co-players enjoyed it enormously. There was a tangible sense of collaboration and positive exchange in the session. It is unusual to find such a cleverly conceived and well presented tool.
Ian Currie, Expert in creative engagement and Director of creative-engagement.co.uk

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