Dare to rethink the world.

Play Rethink®  is an educational training tool and design thinking method.
Since its launch in 2007 this method has helped empower the creative potential and encouraged sustainable collaboration in 
hundreds of individuals and teams.

Play Rethink® is used by companies and educational organisations from all over

the world to develop 4 key skills:

 Creativity + Communication + Collaboration + Critical thinking

The design thinking training game

Play Rethink® is a brainstorming tool that uses play to engage participants by inviting them to rethink everyday objects. 

can be used as an icebreaker to create a fun and trusting environment and it can be adapted to make your company's products and services fun and easier to rethink.

Play Rethink® brings out the creativity in individuals and a deep sense of collaboration in teams. It helps you and your teams generate hundreds of ideas and think laterally about complex sustainability concepts while developing soft skills such as empathy, communication and collaboration techniques.

What they say...

A unique tool and a creative experience which we use in all our programmes.

Its potential for changing behaviour around sustainable issues is limitless.

Fabio Souza, Founder and Director of the Design Institute for Sustainable Development (idds),

Sao Paulo, Brazil (November 2009).

I thought the game stood out as stimulating genuine creativity. All my co-players

enjoyed it enormously. There was a tangible sense of collaboration and positive exchange

in the session. It is unusual to find such a cleverly conceived and well presented game.

Ian Currie, Expert in creative engagement and Director of creative-engagement.co.uk

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